Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Redskins Open Season Vs Saints & More Schedule Nonsense

Oh wonderful.  The Saints.  To Open The Season.

I could care less about bounty-gate.  I could care less about Sean Payton.  I could care less about complete sentences.

Get ready to be overwhelmed by the story in the days leading up to the game, and get ready for the announcers to bring it up every single second of the broadcast.  They are gonna talk about how the Saints are hurting, they are going to mention the Greg Williams connection, they are going to beat the story into the ground and cause me to jump out a window.

Also the Redskins may be (hopefully) starting RGIII.  So there is that huge story as well.  I bet bounty-gate overshadows it...

Anyways, I typically could care less about the announcement of the schedule.  You already know the teams you are playing, and the schedule just tells you the dates.  OMG this game is at 1pm.  Holy S this other game is at 4:15!!!

Schedule release day is another excuse for fans to call talk radio shows and talk nonosense.  However, according to ESPN and the NFL, it deserves a 3 hour special.  Man I wish I owned an NFL team or had a stake in the company. $$$$$$$$$$

The other game of note is a Thanksgiving matchup in Dallas against the Cowboys.  I'm sure the Cowboys will be "underperforming" according to all announcers.  Another game where I may have to mute the TV.

Skins have a week 10 bye, but it is followed up with the 3 division opponents 3 straight weeks.

Games to go to...Home vs Ravens & Away vs Steelers...

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