Thursday, September 25, 2014

Local Business Gets Negative Feedback, Vows To Never Use Redskins Name Again

Pete's New Haven Style APizza, a local pizza establishment, had to send out an apology email to customers for using the Washington Redskins name in a promotional email after they received feedback from offended patrons. The Clarendon pizza joint sent out an email letting consumers know about different specials and discounts based on how many touchdowns the Redskins scored. Then, 6 hours later, the ownership sent out an apology letter email and vowed to never use the name again calling it "hurtful" and "offensive".

Here are the 2 emails (they are from last week, September 19th) via Barred In DC:

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Terry Bradshaw Talks Redskins Name Change

Terry Bradshaw was on Craig Furguson the other night and the topic of the Washington Redskins name popped up. Bradshaw kept refusing to say the name making an overexaggerated noise and head shake before it was said, but ended up saying 'Redskins' later in the interview.

It seemed like he genuinely didn't want to use the name, saying:

"In today's world that we live in, if it's totally offensive to a group of folks we really need to consider whether we need to pursue it"

He then burned the Skins for being a bad team, then did a "ZING" like ending to his burn:

"And if you changed it to whatever, I don't think it's gonna...and as bad as they've been I don't think anyone will care anyway...NO I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!"  

Watch the video clip here:

Monday, September 8, 2014

Nats Pitcher Gio Gonzalez' Dog Wearing A Redskins Hat

Yep that title is pretty much all I've got for this. Gio often takes pictures of his dog doing human things like reading books, or wearing human clothing. Here is one that the Nats pitcher posted on his Instagram the day after the Redskins game (0-1) for some reason. It is the dog wearing a Redskins hat and modeling one of Gio's billion pairs of shoes. He even used the hashtag HTTR, which could be real or sarcastic.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tosh.0 Throws In Redskins Are Racist Joke, Penn State Bit

If you are not aware, Tosh.0 is a TV show on Comedy Central where the host Daniel Tosh more or less shows YouTube videos and makes jokes about them. It is pretty funny (when they aren't showing videos of people breaking their legs).

On Tuesday night's episode, Tosh did a bit about a lingerie football coach and had former Washington Redskins Lavar Arrington and Joe Theismann help him out with the bit. But unbeknownst (probably) to Lavar & Joe, the Tosh team added an anti-Redskins name subtitle on top of their segments. Then definitely unbeknownst to Lavar, they threw in a Penn State Sandusky joke in there too.  Here's the Anti-Redskins subtitle, and Lavar's reaction.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Seventeen Year Old Simpsons Episode: Redskins Offensive

I was randomly trying to find something to watch at 12:30am on a Sunday night and stumbled upon the "Every Simpsons Ever" FXX marathon (for the first time).  And wouldn't you know it, within 7 seconds of me watching I see the term "Redskin" pop up on my screen. Here's what this 1997 episode of the Simpsons had to say about the term Redskin:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ashburn McDonalds Giving Out Baltimore Ravens Cups

The following picture was sent to me from one of my friends that works out in Ashburn. They went to McDonalds and ordered a silly $1 any size drink. You won't believe what the cup looked like from the Mackers only miles from Redskins Park in the state of Virginia over an hour from Baltimore.

Yep. That's a Baltimore Ravens cup. With their 2014 schedule. From ASHBURN McDonalds! Why is this happening. My friend said she threw the drink in the McDonalds drive thru guy's face. Not really, but that would have been acceptable right?

H/T: Erika from real life

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Possible Redskins Name Changes

Here are a few potential names that the Redskins could take should Dan Snyder ever decide to change the name:

Washington All-Skins

A way to insult everyone, no matter what the color of their skin.  We can have racial caricatures of EVERY race on the helmet to even things out.  Equality.

Washington No-Skins

Just take the current Redskins logo, remove the skin, and bam.  No longer racist.  Now just gross and morbid, kind of like the team's typical performance.  Plus the Cowboys fans calling them the Deadskins would be less of an insult.

Washington Warriors

Naming the team after a cool movie about street gangs would be cool.  So long as their logo was the roller skating guy with the switchblade.

Washington Ultimate Warriors

Much better BROTHER!

Washington Greenskins

Wait, what if aliens land on Earth.  Then we are talking a name change again in 20 years (or sooner...ooooooooh)

Washington Capitals

Maybe they'd make the playoffs more...but they still wouldn't win any series...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pierre Garcon's Mom Dresses Him, Loses Game To Regis

Pierre Garcon was the special guest on "Crowd Goes Wild" a woefully wacky sports talk show on Fox Sports One.  Some of the highlights:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jason Whitlock Says Crazy Things About RG3

Jason Whitlock subbed in for Michael Wilbon on Pardon the Interuption, and he had some very interesting opinions about Robert Griffin III.  Either very interesting, or very "trying to make himself part of a news story".

On the second top story of the show (after Johnny Football) Tony & Whitlock discussed RG3 starting game 1.  This causes Whitlock to compare the Redskins QB to people like TO, Ocho Cinco, Tiger Woods and even Kim Kardashian.

It appears Whitlock is just name dropping random big names to create a shock, but here are some of the choice quotes anyways:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Junkies 2013 Summer Dress Party Recap

It was the biggest night of the summer.  The night of the annual Sports Junkies Summer Dress Party.  And needless to say, I was cised.

At around 5pm I went to Outback and ordered basically everything on the menu. This was designed to fill my stomach up before a night of endless drinking.  I wouldn't mention this part of the story but it literally "comes up" later.

Event Header photo from 106.7 The Fan

I arrived at the Clarendon Ballroom right at 7pm, walked up to the rooftop, and my jaw dropped.  Why?  Was the girl in the purple dress in front of me?  Was Chris Cooley hanging out?  Nope, there was another reason.

On both the left side and right side of the pathway to the rooftop bar, there was nothing but dudes.  It was like a scene from the Hitchcock movie The Birds, where all the crows are lined up around the playground on power wires.  Except the crows were bros, and the power lines were bar tables.  Waiting to attack the next girl who walked by in a sundress...

These dudes may have looked like donks, but they did avoid the hour long line that would start to form outside over the next few hours.

Luckily a few minutes later, the girl in the purple dress showed up, and once again I was cised (and not in the same way as in the beginning of the story if you know what I mean)

As time went on, the ladies began to show up, and next thing you knew the entire rooftop was jam packed with athletes, local celebrities, junkies listeners, and hotties in sundresses. I spent the night talking to Valdez about Mama Griz, trying to steal E-Wadd's date, heckling Cakes for playing his sound effects, and learning about seafoam from Tucker Barns.

Me and DC Sports Bog, he introduced me to everyone mentioning
this crappy website, and it was embarrassing.

It was a typical fun Junkies event.  Zings were flying all over the place.  At one point in the men's room a guy said that he didn't want to use the urinal, and he wanted to use a stall.  This was my opportunity.  "What's up Dante STALLworth!" Someone said "good zing" and so my night was made.

There were so many cool people there that I forgot to holler...and before I knew it I was too drunk to.  It was time to go.

I went to the bar to close my tab, and was shocked to find that I owed $150.   I looked at the receipt and despite the bar having the dumbest tab system ever (you tell them a # instead of your name) everything checked out.

I was too drunk to be at the bar, and did not need or want another drink.  But the bartender was excited for the $30 tip and he handed me a free shot of Fireball.  I took the shot and after that, blank.

Never had a bar tab so large it had to be ran 2x

When my mind returned I found myself at the Vienna Metro station puking in the grass.  After watching both my $40 Outback bill and my $180 bar tab splatter on the ground in chunks, I grabbed a cab and headed to my parent's house (closest to the metro).

As the cab pulled into the driveway at 2am I realized that I was felted.  I had $0 in my wallet.  I went in the house, saw my mom's purse sitting on the kitchen counter, stole $30, and paid the driver.  The perfect ending to the perfect night.