Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tosh.0 Throws In Redskins Are Racist Joke, Penn State Bit

If you are not aware, Tosh.0 is a TV show on Comedy Central where the host Daniel Tosh more or less shows YouTube videos and makes jokes about them. It is pretty funny (when they aren't showing videos of people breaking their legs).

On Tuesday night's episode, Tosh did a bit about a lingerie football coach and had former Washington Redskins Lavar Arrington and Joe Theismann help him out with the bit. But unbeknownst (probably) to Lavar & Joe, the Tosh team added an anti-Redskins name subtitle on top of their segments. Then definitely unbeknownst to Lavar, they threw in a Penn State Sandusky joke in there too.  Here's the Anti-Redskins subtitle, and Lavar's reaction.

First, the Redskins is racist subtitle. "Former [position] for team with racist name".  Here's the screenshots.

Later in the segment, probably not coincidentally, immediately following Lavar's part, they threw in a Jerry Sandusky Penn State joke.

Lavar reacted on Twitter, but said he didn't actually see the show:

You can watch the whole thing here Very NSFW, lots of cursing.

Get More: Comedy Central

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