Monday, August 25, 2014

Seventeen Year Old Simpsons Episode: Redskins Offensive

I was randomly trying to find something to watch at 12:30am on a Sunday night and stumbled upon the "Every Simpsons Ever" FXX marathon (for the first time).  And wouldn't you know it, within 7 seconds of me watching I see the term "Redskin" pop up on my screen. Here's what this 1997 episode of the Simpsons had to say about the term Redskin:

The screenshot below is from the Simpsons episode called "The Old Man & The Lisa". In the scene pictured, Lisa tells Mr. Burns about recycling, and Mr. Burns consults the dictionary in his head to find the term.  Because Burns is so old, and his thinking is so antiquated, he has no clue what Recycling is. And as you can see by that screenshot, most of the terms in Mr. Burns dictionary are EVIL.

Burns' dictionary contains other old and outdated terms like 'Ragamuffin' and, yep, 'Redskin', a clever little statement inserted by one of the writers...17 years ago.

It seems that it is not so subtly anti-Redskins, portraying the term as super outdated (being coined in 1699) , claiming that it is usually offensive (the non-usual time meaning when it is a sports team name), and categorizing it with other evil, slimy terms like rattlesnake and reign of terror. Snarky.

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