Thursday, September 25, 2014

Local Business Gets Negative Feedback, Vows To Never Use Redskins Name Again

Pete's New Haven Style APizza, a local pizza establishment, had to send out an apology email to customers for using the Washington Redskins name in a promotional email after they received feedback from offended patrons. The Clarendon pizza joint sent out an email letting consumers know about different specials and discounts based on how many touchdowns the Redskins scored. Then, 6 hours later, the ownership sent out an apology letter email and vowed to never use the name again calling it "hurtful" and "offensive".

Here are the 2 emails (they are from last week, September 19th) via Barred In DC:

The first email sent:

And then the second where the place has to apologize for using the Redskins name:


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