Thursday, September 18, 2014

Terry Bradshaw Talks Redskins Name Change

Terry Bradshaw was on Craig Furguson the other night and the topic of the Washington Redskins name popped up. Bradshaw kept refusing to say the name making an overexaggerated noise and head shake before it was said, but ended up saying 'Redskins' later in the interview.

It seemed like he genuinely didn't want to use the name, saying:

"In today's world that we live in, if it's totally offensive to a group of folks we really need to consider whether we need to pursue it"

He then burned the Skins for being a bad team, then did a "ZING" like ending to his burn:

"And if you changed it to whatever, I don't think it's gonna...and as bad as they've been I don't think anyone will care anyway...NO I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!"  

Watch the video clip here:

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