Friday, October 4, 2013

Pierre Garcon's Mom Dresses Him, Loses Game To Regis

Pierre Garcon was the special guest on "Crowd Goes Wild" a woefully wacky sports talk show on Fox Sports One.  Some of the highlights:

On his outfit:

"My mom helped me pick it out" followed by AWWWWWW

When asked what has to change with the Redskins:

"Apparently everything" followed by HAHAHAHAHA

On the the Cowboys:

"Division is wide open but we always look forward to playing Dallas...there's something about playing Dallas"

On Robert G The Three:

"He's getting better, every week he's getting stronger and we just have to help him out"

On RG3 Coming Back Early:

"It was the right move"

On the Redskins crowd:

"Redskins crowd, they go crazy, they fill up the stadium. They go crazy, FedEx Field is a hostile environment. It's like a college enviornment, 90,000 in there"

On the Broncos crowd:

"Very quiet, it's cold, older people, you know"

On His Boys & Girls Club event:

"Lil' John came out"

I told you the bits were awful

Wacky Question Bit:
Least Favorite Animal:  Snakes 
Favorite Thing Besides Football To Catch:  A Flight
Redskin with the worst breath:  Pass
If you could shut down one thing: Taxes
If the terrible host wore a knee brace would it effect his terrible comedy: Yes
Say something in French: Oui Oui

Next Was A Game where some chick threw nerf footballs to Pierre Garcon and then to Regis. Pierre had to hold on to each ball he caught, Regis could get rid of them.  Regis caught 9, Pierre caught 6.

The next round, Garcon had to wear boxing gloves and beer goggles (reminder, terrible bits) and Regis had to wear foam fingers and the beer goggles.  Pierre got 2, Regis caught 5.

Final Score, Regis 14, Pierre 8.

"I hated to do that to Garcon, but that's the way things are these days"

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