Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jason Whitlock Says Crazy Things About RG3

Jason Whitlock subbed in for Michael Wilbon on Pardon the Interuption, and he had some very interesting opinions about Robert Griffin III.  Either very interesting, or very "trying to make himself part of a news story".

On the second top story of the show (after Johnny Football) Tony & Whitlock discussed RG3 starting game 1.  This causes Whitlock to compare the Redskins QB to people like TO, Ocho Cinco, Tiger Woods and even Kim Kardashian.

It appears Whitlock is just name dropping random big names to create a shock, but here are some of the choice quotes anyways:

Whitlock On If Being Named Starter Ends The Sideshow

"No it does not at all because Robert Griffin III loves the spotlight. Loves it as much as Terell Owens, loves it as much as Chad Johnson, he is just wrapped better, more palatable to the mainstream and so we put up with it, and I for one am fed up with it..."

Whitlock comparing the QB to Tiger Woods:

"We are looking at the 2nd coming of Tiger Woods. We are gonna hype this guy into fraudulence, because he's buying into it, and we are going to be very disappointed when we find out just how flawed he is."

On why RG3 kept bringing up his beef with Shanny all summer:

"Because he is building a Twitter Following Tony! He wants to be involved in controversy.  He wants to be a Kardashian!"

At this point Kornheiser gasps/laughs out loud/screams "WHAT?" because he can't believe what he is hearing.  Then Whitlock attempts to make a Chloe Kardashian being single bit, and decides against it as he considers RG3's marriage situation.

"He's a smart kid and he understands the leverage he has over his head coach. And if you allow a kid to have leverage over a parent or an adult he will take advantage of it and that is what he is doing"

Wow.  Kornheiser made a face, was speechless, and just pointed at Whitlock while shaking his head before they moved on to the next story.

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