Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Possible Redskins Name Changes

Here are a few potential names that the Redskins could take should Dan Snyder ever decide to change the name:

Washington All-Skins

A way to insult everyone, no matter what the color of their skin.  We can have racial caricatures of EVERY race on the helmet to even things out.  Equality.

Washington No-Skins

Just take the current Redskins logo, remove the skin, and bam.  No longer racist.  Now just gross and morbid, kind of like the team's typical performance.  Plus the Cowboys fans calling them the Deadskins would be less of an insult.

Washington Warriors

Naming the team after a cool movie about street gangs would be cool.  So long as their logo was the roller skating guy with the switchblade.

Washington Ultimate Warriors

Much better BROTHER!

Washington Greenskins

Wait, what if aliens land on Earth.  Then we are talking a name change again in 20 years (or sooner...ooooooooh)

Washington Capitals

Maybe they'd make the playoffs more...but they still wouldn't win any series...


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