Thursday, July 26, 2012

Going To Redskins Training Camp, Here's What's Up

Redskins training camp starts today (Thursday) and the team allows fans to come and check it out. We will be headed down to Redskins Park to see what is going on, to see what the Skins throw out on the field, and more importantly to see what crazy stuff the fans are doing.

For example, how many people are going to do this:

The organization has released some rules and if you plan to attend you should check out the Redskins Fan Training Camp Guide published by the Washington Post.  Here are some of our thoughts:

If you want to go, you have to give the Skins your personal info. In order to get into camp, you first have to go here and print out this.  (Snyder is so bitter about this being free that he made sure you would suffer in printer ink costs)

To get to that file you have to enter all this personal information for the Redskins and/or Remax.  Enjoy being called for season tickets.  (But the wait list is 100 years!?)  There are even some tricky check boxes where they try to trick you into giving permission for them to share (sell) your info to other companies.  

(whoops...did I link directly to the pass?)

Practice starts at 2:55pm (bizarre).  But don't worry, the parking lot opens at 1pm, so you can get there early and sit and wait to watch a practice.  (And people think that this isn't a Redskins town?) Nobody would ever arrive that early for the other teams in the area.

It is free to enter and free to park.  This is quite shocking.  Dan Snyder has an opportunity to make a few bucks and he isn't going to do it?  Oh on...

Concession and Souvenir Stands will be open.  There it is.  The perfect plan.  Get people to drive all the way out to Ashburn on a hot day, let them in free, and walk away with $50.  At least they do let you bring your own cooler (see above tweet).

No Video Cameras.  Uh, hate to break it to you Redskins, but every single person has a video camera in their pocket.  It is called their phone.

Pay $10-$20 in Tolls.  The suggested directions from DC have you paying $10 in tolls on the way, and probably similar on the way back.  Don't waste your cash, take route 7.  Or, if you drop "someone" off at the airport, it is free to take the toll road and you can exit right onto 28.

As you can see a "FREE" day out in Ashburn is going to cost you toll money, gas money, concession stand money, souvenir money, commute time, printer ink, and traffic time.  But at least you may get Graham Gano's autograph and you can watch RG3 wear a yellow shirt!

We do it because we are obsessed!  See you out there and HTTR!

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