Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Training Camp: The Fall Of Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley stood along the practice field sidelines staring to his right with a blank expression on his face.  Occasionally he looked down to sign an autograph, but after each one he glanced over to his right again.

Standing in that direction, only a few yards away, was RG3, the Redskins first round draft pick and arguably the biggest star in DC Sports.

While grown men were trampling screaming children (seriously 2 kids screamed for help as they got crushed) to try to get the coveted RG3 autograph, Cooley's presence only a few feet away went unnoticed by most fans.

Chris Cooley Watches RG3-Mania Taking Place Only A Few Yards Away

The scene that took place on Monday at training camp was just a glimpse into the fall of a player who at one time was in the top 25 NFL jersey sales.  But with injuries that piled up over the last three seasons and the emergence of Fred Davis, Chris Cooley has fallen out of favor with a number of Skins fans.

The formerly desired Cooley jerseys now share a clearance rack at the Redskins Training Camp Team Store next to the likes of LaRon Landry & Chris Horton jerseys.  Meanwhile right next to that rack are multiple racks of RG3 specific merchandise, flying off the shelves.

Former Redskin Chris Horton Jerseys Are On The Same Discount Rack As Cooley Jerseys

Cooley is still one of the classiest players on the Redskins.  While several players walk out the back way so they don't have to sign autographs, Cooley is often one of the first guys to meet the fans.  On the first day of camp when the weather was so hot people were collapsing of heat exhaustion, Cooley made it his mission to stay out on the field until everyone who waited out in the sun had an autograph.

Unfortunately for Chris, between injuries and the quarterback obsession in DC over the past few seasons, the fans are "just not that into" him anymore.  The tight end position is a crowded one, and Cooley may no longer be the main attraction.  But if you know anything about Chris Cooley, then you know he will be trying his hardest to make one big play.  And hopefully for Chris, he will once again hear the love reign down from the upper decks of FedEx field...


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