Friday, September 14, 2012

Redskins Five For Friday

Here are 5 things that we think are key factors going into this weekend's matchup with the St. Louis Rams.  Notice I said 'we' and not 'everyone':

1.  Stephen Jackson Is Reportedly Sexy:  I was once at a bar watching a game and at the table next to me was a girl who was clearly just there to hang out with friends.  She knew nothing about football and kept asking stupid questions like why they don't throw the ball forward like 3 times every play.  At one point the big TV panned in on Stephen Jackson with his helmet off to which this girl shouts "Damn that is one fine looking man!" out for that...

Karlie Kloss, Bradfods GF (from wiki)
2.  60% Of The Time, The Rams Win Every Time:  I tweeted something along the lines of "Stop saying the Redskins will be 2-0 they always lose to the Rams!"  After that someone reminded me that the Redskins played the Rams last season, and the Redskins beat the Rams last season.  Oh well.  But seriously! They ALWAYS lose to the Rams!

3.  Sam Bradford Is Or Was Dating A 19 Year Old Super-Model:  This is clearly unfair.  Nobody else here is dating a 19 year old super-model...why him!?  The Redskins need to make him pay for living out my dreams.

4.  Griffining Can't Happen:  A pose that celebrates the QB getting knocked on his ass is a fun thing?  This week the Redskins and RG3 need to change that Griffining pose to Robert standing up after not being touched because the line did a hell of a job blocking on an 88 yard TD pass.

5.  HTTR

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