Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Five Keys To The Game: Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins

Written By Richard Brown

If you want offense, this is going to be the game to see it.

Powerful Offense Not Without Holes:  All the talk is about Matt Ryan becoming an elite quarterback. He has a great running back in Michael Turner, two pro bowl receivers in Roddy White and Julio Jones and a hall of fame tight end in Tony Gonzalez. But this offense is not without holes and that's why I like the Redskins in this game.

Sackable QB:  Last week against the Carolina Panthers, Matt Ryan was sacked seven times, had inaccurate throws and his receivers dropped passes. If I'm Jim Haslett, I'd look at the tape of how they got to Matt Ryan. Alot of the sacks happened up the middle or on the left side.

Pressure:  Even though the Redskins have issues in the secondary, I look for the front seven to get constant pressure from Ryan Kerrigan, Barry Cofield and Stephen Bowen because there a better pass rush than the Panthers.

Redskins Running:  On the offensive side, the Redskins rank third in total yards and fourth in scoring. They are also the best rushing attack in the league. The falcons gave up over 100 rushing yards last week against the Panthers and in Week 2 against the Denver Broncos. I think they will struggle to stop the Redskins because they are undersized up front.

Go Vertical:  Plus in the secondary, they had a hard time stopping Cam Newton and the vertical passing routes. The Redskins need to attack vertically and to the sidelines because free safety Thomas DeCoud and Cornerback Assante Samuel are deadly in the middle of the field.

The secondary of the Redskins needs to step up this game but I think they will beat the Falcons 38 to 35.

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