Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brian Billick Picks Andrew Luck Over RG3 As His Rookie Of The Year

During Sundays Redskins @ Eagles game the discussion about who was deserving of the NFL Rookie Of The Year award.  Billick, former Ravens coach, went with Andrew Luck.

"Only if because there were no expectations whatsoever [for the Colts]"

The other announcer said he would vote for RG3, and then defended the Redskins (lol) by saying they were equally as terrible as the Colts.

Billick wasn't buying it...On the Redskins:

"They had a defense in place, they had a pretty decent corps of receivers. I think the expectations were higher for Washington, than they were for Indianapolis.  People were talking about Indianapolis barely winning 4 or 5 games"

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