Monday, January 14, 2013

Underperforming Redskins In 2012

Two guys that did not perform up to expectations this season

I.  Brandon Banks – For the past few years Redskins fans have been wowed by Brandon Banks explosive returns (once or twice). Even though they almost always got taken back because of penalties. This year fans expected the same explosiveness in the return game to help set up RGIII and the rest of the offense. However Banks just dropped off this season to the delight of Redskins fans. He took kicks out of the endzone that had no business being returned, scored 0 touchdowns and got replaced after Week 12. The general feeling in D.C. is that Banks has played his last game in a Redskin uniform.

III. Leonard Hankerson – Leonard Hankerson's targets increased from 20 to 57 this year. However Hankerson was still limited in action because of his drops. He simply doesn't catch the football consistently enough to warrant more playing time. Coming into the season many hoped he'd overcome his habit of dropping the football and use his 6'2 frame to reel in touchdowns. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, but he did give hope that maybe next year will be the year?

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