Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's Bryce Harper Saying He Will NEVER be a Redskins Fan

We all know that Bryce Harper seems to be the biggest Redskins fan ever.  Harper has been Tweeting about the Redskins all season long, and hardcore during this playoff run going as far as to Tweet pictures of him wearing RG3 socks in church..

But not so fast Bryce.  You think we don't forget this?  From 2011...

Here is that old video below of Bryce Harper saying that he will never be a Redskins fan because he loves the Cowboys so much. (H/T @NatitudeBlog)

Some good quotes:

Bryce:  "I like the Cowboys Also"

The reporter then asks if he will ever become a Redskins fan:

Bryce: "Ain't gonna happen...No shot...I'm a Cowboy..."

And what if Orakpo threatens to beat you up:

Bryce: "Not gonna happen...I could care less"

Harper's marketing people (assumed) have told him that it would be better for his image if he started liking the Redskins and pretending he never said he was a Cowboys fan.  He already had to delete his old Twitter account because of it.

See the video after the jump (because it autoplays):

Has he really switched?  Maybe.  But I can't help but think he was crushed on Sunday night...

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