Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trent Williams Punches Face Of Seahawks Richard Sherman

Here is some pretty stuff from after the Redskins were eliminated by the Seattle Seahawks from the playoffs.  Trent Williams goes over to Richard Sherman and proceeds to push/punch/slap him in the face.  Sherman waves goodbye to Williams who will be spending next weekend not in the playoffs.

Trent Williams will most likely be paying up for that.

And here are GIFs of RG3 hurting is knee, and 2 fans summing up how everyone in DC felt at the time...

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  1. Probably well deserved.

  2. Um...not exactly a "punch" there...more of a shove.

  3. You're just mad that we beat you once again. SEAHAWKS

    1. Weak reply. They spotted the skins two touchdown and went from there. Seahawks were by far the better team yesterday. Cousins should have played the entire second half.

      Hubris was your downfall.

  4. I am not a fan of wither team, but I like Sherman's game. He probably deserved this "punch" here. I also saw him acting like a bad sport multiple other times in other games. Tom Brady should have slapped the taste out of his mouth too, but I guess he isn't the type. trent Willaism, however is not someone whom I'd like to tangle with at any time.

  5. If that was a punch, then sexting is rape.

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