Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cliffhanger 2: Starring Tim Hightower

Former Washington Redskin, who was going to save the franchise and rush for 1,000  yards before he got hurt, Tim Hightower apparently got lost on a mountain and had to be rescued.

"The pair wasn't hurt, but the challenge for crews was climbing up there in the dark and bringing them down safely."
--My Fox Phoenix

Hightower was with his wife Krista (slutty name) and I'm assuming maybe Hightower used his Cell to call for help?  Here is a warning from the web site.

NOTE: No reliable source of water at the trailhead.  Please bring adequate  water for your hike.

Looks like a fun place to go, just remember to bring a map.  Maybe Hightower fumbled his.

The Redskins have no need to re-sign Hightower as youngsters Roy Helu and Evan Royster had breakout years last season.

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