Friday, March 16, 2012

Redskins Lock Up Fred Davis Before The Police Do

Redskins star offensive player and weed smoker extraordinaire Fred Davis has signed a one year contract for around $5.5 Million.  The Redskins gave Four Twenty Freddy the franchise tag earlier this month which meant that they would be able to keep him no matter what other teams did.  Davis is suspended for the first 4 (no relation to the terrible name of the new "first round" of the NCAA Tournament) but will be one of RGIII's favorite receivers when he returns.

The contract is for one year, so next year the Skins will have to pay up again.  I'm assuming the one year has to do something with Davis' rookie contract which is why they aren't extending him for more than a year?  Hopefully if Davis plans to screw up and get zooted he does it this season before he is here for the long term.  Actually they would still probably want to keep him even if he got suspended again.  Just pass on grass Freddy.

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