Monday, March 19, 2012

Laron Landry And His Muscles Signed By The Jets

According to ESPN New York, the Washington Redskins have signed former Redskin LaRon Landry for one year at $4 Million. 

Over the past two seasons, Landry only made it through 17 games over the last two seasons, and in most of the games he did play he was not 100%.  I'm pretty sure the Redskins were not willing to spend the money Landry was going to get elsewhere due to his history of injury with his Achilles.  The great quote from Kornheiser about this injury "You know the injury is serious because the guy who originally had it DIED"

When Landry and his huge guns were on the field, the receivers on the other teams must have been hesitant when coming across the middle of the field.  It is a shame that all those injuries happened because Landry was one of the most popular players and he definitely put in the time in the weight room.  A guy drafted by the Skins that almost panned out...

The Redskins secondary is really weak right now after losing two safetys who started games last year in Otagwe and Landry.  They picked up a d-back from Chicago and former Patriot Brandon Merriweather but I'm not sure that is a bump over Otagwe/Landry.  This is going to be an issue that needs to be covered in the upcoming draft. 

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