Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The NFL Is Creating Rules As They Go Along

The Washington Redskins who broke a made up, unwritten rule (aka not a rule), were penalized $36 Million. The NFL has decided that the team can split the penalty over the next two seasons. And now it was announced that they must split it evenly, meaning that a huge free agency period with some interesting offensive linemen and wide receivers available (Skins needs) the team will be (and is) without $18 Million.

I'm not sure what Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones (the Cowboys were penalized $10 Million) are going to do, but they may try to fight this unwritten rule.  I understand things like not bunting during a perfect game, retaliating after a pitcher hits your guy, and kicking the ball out of bounds during a soccer injury.  But those are unwritten rules of the game, not unwritten rules that cost a team $36 Million.  If you break those rules nothing happens.  If you break this unwritten rule, you are screwed.

There will still be more to come on this story, and there better be a lot more details...

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