Monday, March 12, 2012

NFL Steals Money From Redskins

In what appears to be a rule created on the spot by NFL owners, the Washington Redskins are going to take a $36 Million dollar cap hit which is not good when you consider the Redskins really wanting to acquire Vincent Jackson.

For 2012, the Redskins were $31.1 Million under the cap according to Pro Football talk.  ESPN has them at $47 Mil.  Keep in mind I said "were".  Now, the Skins were fined $36 Million for taking advantage of the uncapped year to drop some salary, which was a no-no according to the NFL.

According to Rotoworld, this may be able to be split up among 2 seasons, but I don't know if that means they could push it all to next season in hopes of picking up Vincent Jackson and worrying about the rest next season.

Either way, this is not a good thing for the Skins.  Wide Reciever is not the only need and the more money the better when it comes to the way the owner overspends for free agents.

Will this hurt our chances to get Vincent Jackson?  or tier 2 Pierre Garson?  or tier 3 Mario Manningham?  or even tier 100 Jabar Gaffney!  AHHHHHHHH

At least the Cowboys lost out on $10 Million too...

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