Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skins Sign Brandon Meriweather, Safety

With OJ Simpson Atogwe gone, the Skins have a real big need at safety.  This need will be a lot bigger should free agent Laron Landry go to another team (or he may fall in love with his body and try to marry himself).  Landry's previous injuries could keep some teams away, but could also effect his play next season.  Anyways, back to Meriweather.

Meriweather was on the Bears last season and didn't do anything (this is a bummer writing about this guy after the team signed Garcon and Morgan).  A former 1st round pick (24), Brandon played on the Patriots for 4 seasons where he picked up some interceptions on his career.  As stated before he didn't do much on the Bears last season

He doesn't really make sense going along with some of the other guys the Skins have picked up and avoided as Merriweather seems to be a troublemaker.  From a interview:

"the reason for the extra stops is Meriweather has raised a few red flags for teams for two incidents: His firing a gun at an assailant who shot his roommate and his role in the Miami-Florida International brawl when he was caught stomping and kicking opponents. Both incidents have led a sure-fire first-round pick to slide in many mock drafts "

The best part about Meriweather comes from Wiki.  Apparently he fired some shots back at some peoples who shot his buddy in the ass.  "MOTHA FUC*A...You shot me in the ass!" -- Denzel, Training Day, best movie line ever.

Well welcome to the team.  You will fit in well in a city with former Wizards who fired guns near the White House, in a city where we welcomed fellow face stomper Albert Haynesworth.

I would guess that this signing is for depth and does not end the Skins search for safetys.  I'm thinking they are still going to draft someone to fill this position.

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