Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Redskins Free Agency Day 1: Solid


Adam Carriker
Former Team:  Washington Redskins
Contract:  4 Years, $20 Mil

Carriker had his career year last season (although that isn't saying much).  He finished the season with 5 1/2 sacks playing the D-End position.

Pierre Garcon
Former Team:  Indianapolis Colts
Contract:  5 Years, $42.5 Mil

Analysts are generally saying that the Skins payed too much money to Garcon, who had 950 yards and 6 touchdowns for the worst team in the league with the worst quarterbacks in the league.  I'm not sure how much is too much, but he is young and has the potential to be productive for the next few years.

Josh Morgan
Former Team:  San Francisco 49ers
Contract:  5 Years, $12 Mil

If the Garcon deal was an overpayment, this deal could potentially be a steal to make up for it.  Morgan is another young receiver with the potential to make place for the Redskins over the next couple of seasons.  Morgan had a broken leg last season but he seemed to be on the verge of breaking out into a solid WR.

Not Yet Signed

Eddie Royal
Free Agent

Starting with his surprising rookie year, Royal has shown the ability to break open some big plays.  He struggled a bit in the Tim Tebow insanity offense, but coming out of the slot for the Redskins he would have some chances to become the next Santana Moss.  While it was reported earlier that this deal was as good as done, other teams have shown interest at the last minute.  The Skins may have to up their reported $12 offer to land Royal.

London Fletcher
Free Agent

Typically, I agree with getting rid of some of the older veterans when you are making your team younger like the team has done with Mike Sellers.  However, London Fletcher may be the exception.  Fletcher led the NFL in tackles last season and is a defensive leader who not only preaches leadership, but displays it with his play on the field.  I wouldn't read into this too much, Fletcher should get the money he deserves from the Redskins.

What Do Their Futures Hold?

Santana Moss, Brandon Banks, Jon Beck, Rex Grossman...The entire current WR core...

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