Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Latest Redskins Rumor Says Eddie Royal Is Coming To Town

Grant Paulson of 106.7 the fan is reporting on Twitter that the Redskins are going to sign Eddie Royal With Cheese.  People are posting contradicting stories, but let's look it over.

Eddie Royal, who my brother allegedly "covered" in high school is a Virginia Tech guy.  Royal went crazy as a rookie racking up over 900 yards, but his career hasn't been as impressive since.  Kyle will love the option to handoff a WR end around to Eddie for 5 yard gains.  Royal would add another punt returner option as well.

It appears there is a method to the Redskins madness.  The Josh Morgan deal isn't official and I wonder if they would pick up both of these guys.  There is one key factor with Garcon, Morgan, and Royal.  They are all 25-26 years old.  The Skins aren't just looking to fill in a WR gap for a short term solution.  They are looking for a WR core that can gel with RGIII over the next several years.

Again, this deal is not done, but if it is, I think it would be a good move...

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