Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Redskins May Acquire Josh Morgan, Sadly Not Alex Morgan

I love Alex Morgan.  She is my girlfriend and she doesn't even know it.  I like Katie Morgan in some of her more tasteful roles.  Morgan Freeman is the man.  I even like Nyger Morgan despite the fact that he is nuts.  Captain Morgan is good on occassion as well.  Dexter Morgan is pretty badass, and sometimes after like 10 beers, Deb Morgan doesn't look half bad.  I used to like Adam's Morgan, but that is "so 2008".  Now it appears that there is a new Morgan in my life.  Josh Morgan.

The thought with Morgan is that he has lots of potential at 26 years old, and he won't cost too much money.  Not a typical Redskins type target, but this could be a new-style Skins.  He is described as "big and physical" which could add another endzone target to go along with Fred Davis.

Josh Morgan is a Virginia guy, growing up in the DC area and going to Virginia Tech.  He only played in 5 games last season but at one point he was the (bad) 49ers #1 wide reciever. Morgan broke his leg back in week 5 of the season last year and appears to be fully healed.

It isn't official yet, but looks to be a low-risk high-reward signing to put some weapons around RGIII.

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