Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Countdown To Camp: Jarvis Jenkins, Ass Kicker

Training camp starts in a few days, marking the third year of the Shanahan era. With each new training camp comes a new batch of questions regarding the team.  As training camp approaches, we will examine some of these questions.
How Much Ass Will Jarvis Jenkins Kick?

I remember it well: Draft day, 2011, round 2, pick #41 overall. I anxiously awaited while the commissioner walked to the podium with special guest Doug Williams to announce....Clemson DE Jarvis Jenkins?

I had never heard of him, and upon looking him up, saw that he posted some unimpressive numbers at the combine. I started to wonder if the organization potentially made the mistake of passing on Da’Quan Bowers, as many other organizations had already done at that point.

Turns out it appeared to be a sound pick, as buzz around training camp spread quickly about this stand-out rookie. Unfortunately, after only 2 inspiring preseason games, Jenkins tore his right ACL against the Ravens and sat out the entire regular season.

This year, with a clean bill of health heading into training camp the rookie has a chance to earn a starting spot if he shows the same tenacity as last year.  And we will get an idea of how much ass he will kick this season.

--Written By Kirk B.--

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