Monday, July 23, 2012

Countdown To Camp: RG3 Running For His Life

Training camp starts in a few days, marking the third year of the Shanahan era. Coincidentally, this will be the third year a new starting quarterback has been named heading into the season. After the failure of both the “grizzled vet” experiment (McNabb), as well as the “never got a fair shot” experiment (Grossman + Beck), the great “hot shot rookie” experiment (RG3) is officially underway. With each new training camp comes a new batch of questions regarding the team.  As training camp approaches, we will examine some of these questions.
How Much Will RG3 Be Running For His Life?

Heading into camp this year, the offensive line currently consists of Jammal “creaky hips” Brown on the right side, and Trent “because I got high” Williams on the left end, with god knows what in between. Assuming Williams can lay off the hash, the left should be relatively stable.

With Brown, you never know what you’re going to get as his form hasn’t been the same since having surgery on his left hip in 2009 (though apparently he’s been using yoga to break up scar tissue and improve mobility)

Rg3 Roadrunner

In reality, the organization did address the offensive line during the draft, but not until using their third-round pick on a SMU guard who most scouts had rated as a 5th round talent. Fortunately, the Skins did get good production out of undrafted rookie Willie Smith last year, and with some luck could do the same with some late round/undrafted players this year.

In training camp we should start to see how the offensive line will shape up together, which will be the key to seeing if the Skins rookie quarterback will be able to remain poised in a tight pocket or if he will be trying to survive an unfair assault.

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