Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fan Poll: Grossman or Cousins With A Catch

One of the positions that the fans (maybe not the coaches) are talking about during Redskins Training Camp is the backup quarterback position.  The Skins used a 4th round pick to bring in a good Big Ten QB, Kirk Cousins, but they also signed fan favorite Rex Grossman to another year's contract.

The people in favor of Cousins at the backup spot want the Redskins to end the Rex Grossman era.  It has been proven in the past that RGI could help the team maybe win a game or two, but that the team has no Super Bowl shot with him at QB.  Should RG3 go down it would be more beneficial in the long run to have a young quarterback get some reps, instead of a so-so veteran at the end of his career.

That is a solid way of thinking.  And I somewhat agree.  But I pose to you this question:

If (And it is the biggest if ever) the Skins made the playoffs this season and RG3 went down with an injury in the final game of the season, Would you rather have Kirk Cousins or Rex Grossman step in?

Personally when I thought about this, I thought about how excited the city would be for the playoffs.  At that point, development would be out the window.  People would want someone there who can win Playoff games.  While Grossman is clearly not the best option at quarterback, he is a veteran who has played in the playoffs.

Should RG3 go out when the team has a bad record, I'd opt for Cousins, but I think I would go with Grossman for the playoffs.

But that is me.  I'm not the typical Redskins fan.  What do you think?  Vote above.


  1. Cousins was a 4th rd pick. Sorry for nitpicking

  2. To add something meaningful to this discussion: Grossman has playoff and Superbowl experience. He has won playoff games before. Cousins has bowl game experience from college, and is a rookie.

    If the plan is to groom Cousins so you can sell him for a profit, throwing him into his first NFL game as a starter in the playoffs could seriously hinder both his development and his value. He might start one pre-season game, and then he'll be sitting on the bench until the playoffs.

    His role in the playoffs should be as an emergency QB or a garbage time QB, nothing else until he has at least one pro season under his belt.