Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alfred Morris Baseball Swinging Homerun Celebration Salutes Little League Team

After Alfred Morris runs in a touchdown for the Washington Redskins, he does the same celebration each time.  He throws up an imaginary baseball, swings an imaginary bat, and hits an imaginary grand slam (Like Michael Morse).  The follows that up with putting his hand over his eyes to block the sun and watch the invisible ball fly out of the stadium.

The FOX announcers mentioned that Alfred Morris is very humble and doesn't like to celebrate too much, but that the celebration was actually a way for him to salute a little league team who requested that Alfred Morris do something for them. (Read more from the Redskins Blog)

After he hits the ball and watches it fly, he throws up a Three Finger Salute in honor of his College Football team the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Owls.  The salute is what they call "Owl Fingers"

Check out the GIF of the celebration:


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  4. The FOX commentators specified that Alfred Morris is exceptionally unassuming and doesn't prefer to celebrate excessively, however that the festival was really a route for him to salute a youth baseball group who asked for that Alfred Morris help out them. (Perused more from the Redskins Blog)

    Keri C. Poe

  5. Such a Classy move. His team members are so fortunate to have him in squad.

    Joe S.

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