Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jaws: Redskins Will Challenge For A Playoff Spot, Best Front 7 In The NFL

Here is some news 1 day late because ESPN 980 is a terrible station that doesn't put the podcasts online in a reasonable amount of time.  I wanted to get the quotes exactly right.

These are a few statements made by Ron Jaworski on the Tony Kornheiser Show from Wednesday morning:
Jaws:  "The Redskins, if they can get throught he first 4 games this season they will challenge for a playoff spot"
Kornheiser: "ARE YOU HIGH! WHAT!"
Jaws said his concern with RG3 is that he didn't get enough work in the preseason.
"I think defensively they are going to be a tremendous defensive team, their front 7 may be as good as any team in football"
Yeah, Jaws may be high...or it may have been Joe Theismann calling in disguise?

You can listen to the segment in the ESPN 980 Audio Vault which is somewhere online...

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