Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Michael Vick Plus Peyton Manning Plus Tom Brady Equals RG3 ... Wait What?

That was the message that Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan was selling when he talked to On Tap Magazine.  Here is his exact quote about Robert Griffin III:

“He’s as fast as Michael Vick but he can make all the throws that Peyton Manning can make and he can make all the reads Tom Brady can make”, Morgan said. “He’s got the whole package.”

Morgan has clearly taken (what is it called when you combine the best attributes of different things to create a super-thing?) Frankensteinism to the next level with that comparison.  Perhaps he is fast "like" Vick, makes "a lot" of throws that Manning can make, and "reads the field well" like Brady?

That is most likely what Morgan meant with some of the smaller words in the literal transcription making the statement seem bolder than it actually should be.  Or maybe Morgan actually believes the literal translation of what he said.  Or, for Redskins fans, even better; maybe it IS true!

The article also talked a lot about Josh Morgan, if you care about anything other than RG3, which you probably don't...if you do, read it here.

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