Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rookie Alfred Morris Shows Desire & Dependability In NFL Debut.

With the 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins selected quarterback Robert Griffin III out of Baylor.  The pick was a no-brainer and after a huge week 1 upset of the New Orleans Saints, it looks like that draft pick is for real.

The Skins didn't just give up after the RG3 pick, and they appear to have found quite the steal in running back Alfred Morris (ALMO).  Almo was drafted in the 6th round, but after a great preseason, he earned the starting spot over Evan Royster & Roy Helu Jr.  His display on Sunday showed why the Redskins had no trouble releasing the semi-injured Tim Hightower.

On Sunday against the Saints, Morris carried the ball 28 times, a huge workload for a rookie RB.  With all those carries Morris gained 96 Yards (3.5 per carry) and scored two goalline touchdowns (including the one seen below where he never stopped moving his feet.

Morris didn't really break free too many times, but the young RB from Florida Atlantic was always moving forward.  Even when he was stopped for no-gain at the line of scrimmage he would muster a yard or two.  He was dependable, and he wore down the defense, getting some of his biggest runs towards the end of the game.

With Mike Shanahan as the coach, it is hard to be able to tell if Morris will still be the goto guy later in the season, but for now, he has proven he can be trusted to wear down opposing defenses.

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