Monday, December 3, 2012

RG3 Talks With Jon Gruden On Sunday Conversation

Robert Griffin III sat down with Jon Gruden on Sports Center for the Sunday Conversation.  It was really brief and Gruden did most of the talking.  They/Gruden talked about how great Cam Newton is, the spread, Robert being named captain, RG3's jumping around and falling down celebrations, and who should win the heisman.  I would transcribe it, but there was not 1 interesting thing.  Gruden was Grudeny and Bob was Griffiny.


Gruden: "I used to watch you flick touchdown passes...I remember making fun of you because every time you threw a touchdown pass you went DOWN, you know, i ain't never seen that type of celebration"

Gruden in a voice like he wants to eat RG3 like he is a piece of cake.

"Just look at love to play quarterback don't you Robert"

Gruden also said "Santana Moss", "London Fletcher", and "D'Angelo Hall" a lot like they were Walter Peyton or Vince Lombardi

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