Monday, December 31, 2012

RG3's Awkward CBS 9 Interview And Jack City Rob Jackson

CBS 9 pulled RG3 over to their cameras to give a brief interview and it was some great television.  At one point in the interview, the reporter, Dave Owens, says he is done with questions, then says he lied and asks another question.  At that point he goes off onto a stuttery talk about how RG3 remembers him:

"You remember me at the uh, uh at the uh uh uh, what...wha...wha...what was that...up in new york city, the, the subway.  When I was tryn...when you told me don't ask you any questions and I still asked you questions" -Dave Owens

Next up was the revelation that Rob Jackson's nickname was "Jack City":

"The MVP Rob Jackson, Jack City as we call him..." -RG3

Then an even more awkward moment when the reporter says he is finished with the questions, but he doesn't want RG3 to leave:

"I'd love to keep you all night there anything you want to talk about? Ask me any questions?" -Dave Owens

"We're Good, I think I wanna go home now" -RG3

RG3 looked overwhelmed, tired, and ready to go home and get some sleep.  However he was mobbed like the president of the United States all night by everyone.  Fame is great, but this has to be frustrating for RG3.

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