Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Fan Response To Etan Thomas' Letter To RG3

This is a fan letter in response to "An Open Letter To RG3" by former Wizards player Etan Thomas

Dear Etan,

A very proud adult man could hardly sleep last night.  I am a huge fan of RG3 and I was extremely proud of the heart shown by my favorite player fighting for all of Washington DC as Fox Sports displayed his heroics during the Redskins’ playoff loss to Seattle Sunday.

As a huge Redskins fan I’m not happy now, but I can’t blame RG3 or tell him that he was wrong.

When I have a son of my own I will teach him to never give up.  I will teach him to fight for those that depend on him.  I was moved by the heart of Robert Griffin III and I hope that one day my son will have similar character.  I just can't agree with the lesson you found in the story.

As a professional athlete yourself, who had open heart surgery, and then returned to the NBA, you should understand…at least a little.  Did you give up when Brendan Haywood ripped out your hair?

And just so you know Mr. Thomas, Robert did not go back into that football game because he was afraid of being called a quitter like Jay Cutler.  He went back into the game because he is not a paid gladiator, but a soldier, who would die on that football field for his teammates.

The fact that Mike Shanahan did not take RG3 out of the game may have not been the best decision.  The player who gave it all on the field was begging to continue the fight, and in the heat of the moment how can the coach really say no?

You can call Mike Shanahan all the evil names you want, but in the end Robert Griffin is an adult, and Robert Griffin could have taken himself out of the game.  Not only did nobody force him to keep playing, but the player himself was never truthful about how injured he really was.  And this is coming from a guy who is upset mostly at Shanahan and only a little at RG3.  (Upset, understanding, and not viciously angry)

Once again, nobody was going to question the toughness of RG3.  NOBODY.  Not one single person in the entire universe, if he took himself out of  the game.  The media was the last thing on his mind.

As a huge Redskins fan it crushes me that he played in that game.  It crushes me that he didn’t take himself out.  It crushes me that the coach didn’t step in and force him to sit out.  But I still love RG3, and I’m proud of the heart he showed.

If RG3 proved anything in that game, it was that he has the heart of a champion.  He has strong character.  He will never give up.  And if lessons like that upset your 7 year old son then I don't know what you are doing.


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  1. Good for you. Etan Thomas's letter really annoyed me. I agree totally with your sentiments. BTW, I didn't sleep last night either.