Monday, January 7, 2013

The Wizards Coach Randy Wittman Fires A Shot At Mike Shanahan

The Washington Wizards are far from a successful team.  In fact, they currently have the worst record in the entire NBA.  But after a big win over the top team in the NBA the Oklahoma City Thunder on a buzzer beater Monday Night, Wiz coach Randy Wittman took a moment to dis Mike Shanahan in his post-game press conference, to the delight of the media.

The Wiz were shorthanded due to injury, and two players that had previously missed several games came back to contribute because of the shortened roster.  But did the injured players get the doctor's approval before coming back?  Let's hear what coach Wittman (record 5-28) has to say:

"Being down 7 guys and having to talk AJ and Trevor ...with the doctor's approval...Ok...WITH THE DOCTOR'S APPROVAL ...alright...I just want to make that clear, I don't want anything started here...that they could give me some minutes"

Take that Shanny!  The worst coach in the NBA firing shots!!!

It made me smile for a minute, then I remembered that what happened to RG3 was in fact real life...

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