Monday, January 7, 2013

Michael Wilbon Says Shut Up to those Anti-Shanahan

PTI opened with a Mike Shanahan zing on Monday afternoon as the guys led the program off with the whole RG3 thing.

Wilbon: "Tony, I've been down and out with the flu the last 4 days, you think I'm OK to play through it?"

TK: "Mike Shanahan certainly thinks so"

Wilbon agreed with Shanahan, mostly because he despises Jay Cutler from coming out of a Bears playoff game in the past.  He reiterated that it was the Playoffs, so you have to keep him in there.  Then he said what everyone is saying today.  RUN THE BALL!

Tony Kornheiser's daughter, wanted the Skins to go with Cousins and if he failed, put RG3 back into the game.  Great story Tony.

Wilbon: "It's a difficult call so the people who are calling for Shanahan's head like he did something irresponsible, SHUT UP!"

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