Thursday, March 22, 2012

Andrew Luck Pro Day, More Ado About Nothing

Andrew Luck had his pro day today and the Redskins were there to check him out.  There is no link to stories about this event because it is meaningless to the Washington Redskins organization and their fans.  Despite the insane talk about the Colts being impressed with RG3 yesterday, the Colts are 100% going to draft Andrew Luck.  If they didn't it would be the greatest moment in Redskins history and the worst moment in Colts history.

I'm not saying RGIII will be a bust.  I just think Luck will not be Ryan Lief.  The NFL is big enough for two awesome rookie quarterbacks though...

Also, we don't want to change the title of this blog to Luckskins or something pun with Luck or Lucky...

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