Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RG3 Pro Day, Much Ado About Nothing

The Redskins are drafting least as long as Andrew Luck doesn't die or fall off a cliff before the draft.  It didn't matter if RG3 came out to his pro day and threw like a girl.  It didn't matter if he went out and ran a 9 minute 40.  It didn't matter if he completed 0 passes.  He is coming to the Skins.  But it was cute that the Colts showed up too.

I guess as fans, it is nice to see a guy perform well in his Pro Day.  But I'm not excited.  I'll be excited when he is on the field throwing strikes to Piere Garcon.  I'll be excited when he is on the field making quick throws to beat the blitz.  I'll be excited when he is scrambling out of the pocket for a 15 yard gain.  I don't care if he can hit receivers without a pass rush months before the season.

After reading this fan's post from Yahoo Sports, it is easy to get prematurely excited.  But this is just RG3, not Jenna Jameson.  I'm gonna be able to exhibit some stamina, for a few months.  (I think)

"His long throws were also a thing of beauty. He hit some guys with beautiful over the shoulder bombs. He looked terrific running through his progressions and had no issues hitting that deep out that seemed impossible for Rex Grossman to hit with regularity" -- John Atchinson

The best part of the pro day was the picture of Shanahan and Dan Snyder in Hooters...

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