Friday, March 30, 2012

McNabb Returns, Still Won't Wear Wristband

As everyone knows by now, Donovan McNabb was on ESPN's First Take this morning and he had a few interesting comments about Shanahan and the Redskins...Let's examine:

1.  Would Mike Shanahan be a good fit for RGIII?

McNabb responded by saying "No" because he says there is too much ego in DC and they will refuse to adapt to RGIII and "run the spread".  Well with a guy like McNabb and a guy like Shanahan, that makes perfect sense.  Both guys think they are the best.  Both guys have had previous success.  Both guys think their way is the best.  But how does that translate to RG3?

RG3 doesn't seem to have an ego.  He seems to have his head on his shoulders and looks like he would be excited to be in the league and learn how to be an NFL QB.  He won't demand to be the starter.  He won't refuse to learn the playbook.  He won't throw away his wristband.

All RG3 will do is meet with Shanahan, learn the offense, adapt to the offense, and in turn Shanahan will adapt to him. That is the perfect situation.  Both people adapting.  McNabb on the other hand refused to budge towards Shanny and in turn Shanny refused to budge towards McNabb.  Terrible situation.

2.  Do you have an axe to grind?  "I do but I don't"

Great response.  Makes perfect sense.  You say the affirmative and the negative, which cancels out into being an idiot.

Anyways, I had to stop watching this train-wreck, especially after Michael Smith started to basically speak the truth to McNabb's bias.  Too awkward.  I didn't learn anything from this segment except that McNabb is a terrible analyst.  Blowed Out!

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