Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome To The Future

According to Jay Glazer, the Washington Redskins have traded THREE, count em', THREE first round draft picks AND a second round pick to the St. Louis soon to be Los Angeles Rams for the 2nd pick in this upcoming draft.

So, if you didn't know, that means that the Skins have just risked the next 5 or so years of football on one player.  That player is Robert Griffin the Third aka RG3.

At this current moment there is only one thing to do.  We don't need to examine the deal.  We don't need to analyze any alternatives.  We only need to do one thing.  BUY IN.  Because if he is NOT the next big thing, then we are screwed.

Therefore instead of being skeptical, second guessing, or getting bent out of shape, we are just going to be happy that the old racist Redskins name is gone, and we are now the Washington RG3s.

Finally RedTube is no longer going to dominate my browser autocomplete when I hit the letter R.  From now on, it will be REDSKINS.  (maybe)

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