Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Do We Do With RG1?

With the Redskins all but already drafting RGIII the question remains, what will happen with RGI, Rex Grossman.  The original RG.  The don.  Sexy Rexy.  The man.  Rex Montana.  Peyton Rexing.

Most likely he will go.  His contract is up.  The coaches like Beck as a backup.  Beck has a contract.  Am I going to write this whole thing in short sentences?  Maybe.

 I'm going to assume they aren't going to bring in a new QB to be the backup because BeckRex knows the offense.  But then again, this is the Redskins, and more importantly and relevant to the issue, this is the Shanahans.  Shanahanation.

Perhaps they will try to bring back Super Bowl QB Rex to "mentor" RGIII.  God help us all, and God help RGIII if that is the case.  It seems to me that Beck could do that, but if the coaches started Rex over Becks, then wouldn't it be a possibility they would have Rex over Becks as the backup QB?

As I mentioned, the contract situation may dictate this whole issue, but what if both guys were free agents?  Would we be having a Rex vs Becks situation again?

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