Friday, April 27, 2012

Breaking News: RG3 Was Drafted By The Redskins

The Caps won a huge playoff series and the town celebrated like they won the Stanley Cup.  Less than 24 hours later the Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III and the town celebrated like they won the Super Bowl.  (The Wizards beat the Heat and...nobody cared)

Just like the rest of the city, I felt like tonight was the first night of the "new" Redskins.  I felt like it was the first day of the losing mindset flying out the window.  However, we already knew what was going to happen...why are we forcing the celebrations.

Watching the news live at Redskins draft parties was really interesting.  It was like people going insane  when the Mighty Ducks beat the Hawks after they saw the movie 40 times.  (terrible analogy, but a bonus point for referencing Emilio Estavez).  I think it deserved a stern clap with a head nod, not jumping in the air celebrating with one "wooo" per person.

The Super Bowl was not won tonight.  The Redskins made a great move, drafted a player with great potential, and the team is looking exciting to say the least.  But keep in mind, RGIII hasn't thrown a pass yet.  Imagine RGIII becoming Ryan Lief (he won't) and then watching yourself on a tape of the news celebrating like a maniac 1 year later.

Yes, this is the most negative post about the possible greatest night in Redskins history.  But it isn't about the move and it isn't about RGIII potentially being a bust.  It is about celebrating a draft pick more than I've ever seen anyone celebrate a draft pick.  More than the Colts fans at #1.

I'm ready to celebrate, but not until the clock hits 0 and we clinch a playoff berth...

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