Monday, April 30, 2012

Two QB's in One Draft.....Interesting

With the 102 pick in the 2012 draft the Washington Redskins select......I myself was thinking Offensive Linemen, Inside Linebacker (Since we only have 3 on the roster), or possibly a safety.  I was wrong.  The name Kirk Cousins, not to be mistaken for Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron, was said.  I thought, "another quarterback, really Skins, C'MON!" But after thinking about it for a day, it kind of made sense.  We put all our eggs in the basket (or draft picks for that matter), in on ROOKIE QB, Robert Griffin III, who scrambles and has had knee surgery in the past.  Why not back him up with a quarterback who played in a pro-style offense at Michigan State, who's a tough gritty guy, who was a three time captain (leader), and who improved his yardage and touchdown numbers every year in college.  Griffin could go down any game and I know I would not want to see Grossman trot onto the field to take over.  I would rather have a fresh quarterback who is working to be a possible #1 for another team.

Which goes into the next topic....grooming Cousins into the next Matt Cassel.  Build him up and trade him off.  The Patriots are known for this.  As of right now they have Ryan Mallet on the roster.  There is no way he will ever see the field, but other teams may be interested in what he can do for them.  Look for this preseason to be the Ryan Mallet / Kirk Cousins season.  They will put up good/solid numbers and then put on the trading block to get a high draft pick for the next season for.

There might be a method behind the madness and no better madman to follow than Bill Belichick

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  1. I think that Shanahan is nuts. He is obsessed with quarterbacks. Even if this guy was RG3's twin brother with equal talent who dropped to the 4th round, it doesn't make sense to waste a pick on him.