Sunday, August 26, 2012

RG3Cap: Preseason Game #2

On the first play of the Redskins dress rehearsal, Kyle Shanahan called for RG3 to go deep. It was the trademark play action fake of the Shanahan regime that sprung Pierre Garcon on a deep route.  Garcon just missed on a diving catch attempt.

RG3 later showed his speed on a play where the pocket collapsed and he got the first down with legs.   Later on the drive, with the Skins failing to get the first down, RG3's competitive nature came out a little.  The rookie QB looked at the sideline begging Shanny to go for it on 4th and 1.  Shanny denied!

On the next drive RG3 showed that the linemen didn't have to block perfectly for him as he used his legs to extend the play out of the pocket and find the open receiver for a first down with a laser pass.

Through the preseason and all the player shuffling, Pierre Garcon and RG3 have some of the best chemistry in the offense.  Griffin seems to see Garcon as his favorite target so far.

Griffin's ability to throw on the run has been integrated into the Redskins playbook, shown on his touchdown pass to Santana Moss with that was accurate on a roll out with the line blocking to his strong side.

Above his athletic talent, Griffin is establishing himself as a pocket passer first. On plays with good protection he stands tall in the pocket, stepping into throws and visibly progressing through his reads quickly, all while keeping his feet ready to move.

While his numbers in limited time aren't anything to write home about, all signs are pointing to a positive RG3 rookie season.

-Written By Adam L-

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