Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Is The Heartbeat Of The World: RG3 Retweet Crazy

Music Is The Heartbeat of the world?  RG3, RGIII, and Robert Griffin III, "star" quarterbacks for the Redskins and huge local (& national) celebrities, have caused people in DC to go insane.  Several people, including myself, have unfollowed RG3 after he flooded timelines with random and pointless RTs.

Griffin retweeted at least 100 people on Monday night who were asking for a RT, mostly people using the hashtag #MusicIsTheHeartbeatOfTheWorld.  One after another after another.  Every second a new one.  All other content for followers fell in the cracks.  After the night, it was actually "cooler" to have not been retweeted. (Don't think I didn't do it though...for marketing

He has used this phrase all summer, but on Monday night he went crazy with it.  It would appear that RG3 is trying to sell a new future T-Shirt like this terrible "No Pressure No Diamonds" shirt or like his awful Superman Socks.  This week's marketing slogan is

"Music Is The Heartbeat Of The World"

An Interpretation Of What The Shirt Will Look Like

Wow what a pretty slogan.  That slogan is so good it should win a Super Bowl MVP award!  Can Redskins fans get a new slogan, maybe like this:

"        "

Because that quote accurately describes what RG3 has done in the NFL so far in his career.  Slogans, T-Shirts, Subway Sandwiches, Socks, and 0 Wins.

I personally like "Music Makes The People Come Together" by Madonna.  Plus she has as many NFL TDs as RG3.

Make your shirts and sell them now!  Adidas is coming!  Here are some of the best RTs

Wow what RT worthy stuff.  Not even a joke, just people asking.  Look for much more of this, and many more commercials and slogans.  And if he has time, he may throw a TD or 2.  But that last part is still TBD

I know RG3 is a nice guy.  And he is making people/fans happy, giving them some fun and excitement.  But come on!  Twitter courtesy please! I dare you to try that on Reddit...

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